Notice to prospective purchasers of the book, Rabban Gamaliel :

I wrote this book over a period of about twenty years and had 500 copies printed in January of 2006 at a cost of $5,000.

Many copies were donated to church libraries, personal friends, relatives, colleagues and supporters. In my estimation, about one thousand Dollars has been recouped through sales, which means that I must get $4,000 for the seventeen remaining paperback copies ($235.29 each) in order to cover the cost of printing.

If you would like to buy a rare first edition printed copy of Rabban Gamaliel, I will sell it to you for the bargain price of only $15 plus shipping as long as supplies last.


I realize that the following offer will cut painfully into sales, but anyone (ANYONE! Did you get that?) can download the revised and enhanced version of Rabban Gamaliel from our website absolutely free! *

I have made a few corrections to the original printed version and added material, but decided not to have the second edition printed.

If you want to help save the rain forests, just load my book onto your computer, notebook, tablet, cell phone or ??? and read it on the screen.

You can of course print it out on any normal printer.

Digital books offer many other great features. You can copy and paste selected portions into your Bible study or sermon notes. If you have poor eyesight, you can adjust the print size and if you are blind, some phones and tablets (like Kindle Fire) can even read the book to you audibly!

My popular Christmas Quiz is still in the appendix even although it has little to do with Rabban Gamaliel. There is a connection, however. It was while making up this quiz that I discovered Gamaliel was also a descendant of King David. He would have been required to travel to Bethlehem just like Joseph and Mary!


* I apologize for using terms such as “save,” “bargain” and “free” which no longer have the same meaning as they did fifty years ago. I still use school English from the fifties.

Ralph V Harvey


As long as supplies last, you can buy a signed printed copy of Rabban Gamaliel for only $15! As of April 16, 2022, I have 17 printed copies left, so take advantage of this offer!

Send printed book orders to:

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Telephone: (856) 694-5684
Email: harveyralph@gmail.com

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Download: Half-Hour Radio Interview (Windows Media Player File - 4 MB)
Download: Christmas Quiz with answers and explanations
Download: The Silent Night Story

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